Teach me

Let me turn back to You
Leave this evil world behind
Take away my care for it
Make my soul want It’s now
Make the humans
… Even more distant
As You seem to write them
From my life
I do not understand why
You made this path for me
I do not understand
Why I was made to look inwards
From the outside of things
I do not know why you made me
So that each time I try to be
Of THIS world this world hurts
Soooooo Much….
Oh God make me not desire
Those things that are evil
I am so full of desire
There is nothing on this earth
More than what you put to grow
Worth crying for or dying for
If no one here says another word
Let my heart no longer care
Let me be free of this trap
Somehow some way some soon day
That all the bragging arrogance
The spiritual vituperation for You
The World’s spirit that has abandoned You
To chase the things that mean nothing
Set me free Oh God set me free
Tell the hearts of those
Who choose and pick as if those
You created are no more than candy
To leave me in peace Oh God
I do not understand
Why you leave me
In this Lonliness
If I am yet to be in this lonliness
Teach me to love what You gave me.

2 thoughts on “Teach me

  1. Cherish every moment of your life. Cherish life itself. Cherish your near and dear ones. And those who pray for you wherever they are. Life is worth living and thanking the Life-Giver. Light up the brightness on your face. Cheers 🙂


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