Even Fire Cries

One step at a time we move to each other
Away again and once more together
Each soul meeting each soul spinning
Until the threads are forever bound
Binding us all into one
… You always love who you love
It never leaves the heart
If you are blessed or cursed with memory
You go to your rest with visions
All you ever loved on this earth
For this short time striving to be good
Or blind to what is good or evil
Saying it has no definition
No matter who you love or what they believe
You love them
You love them
You always love them and they stay within you
A chorus of song and beauty
A chorus that causes laughter and sorrow
Hearts warm and cold and skipping beats
Until the sweetness is like pain
Pain becomes reason to feel alive
Even better than death
Is the tragedy we often choose
To make of this life
Not seeing the consquences of choices
Until it is time to pay
Pray then to God that one day
The pain of sweet is forgiven

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