The mind expands
Finally quiet as human spirits
Ripple from contact
Dropping swiftly
Into unexpected amazment
We can be more honest here
Only our minds show
Our hearts give speech
Never given in the world
Heart to heart symbolism
… Unlike a shared hand
Each with it’s place in human needs
As dreaming takes shape
Inside a bone gem boxYou can punch without a fist
You can love without a kiss
You can be what your mind creates
In this unreality so real
I would play with you
Rolling down green hills
Grass stained clothes
Amazed children’s eyes
Where touch is innocent
Liking someone is such
An acute feeling
Even a glance is a furious blush
Too sweet to know what it may mean
In later days and older dreams
Small things more precious
The greatest gift a flower pluck’d
Inside to know it’s death to give
Means something yet unknownThere is a grand dolour
To this March in Life
The loss to gain
The fear you feel when you know
You approach forbidden bliss
Souls cry out ‘NOOOOOOO!!!!!’
Intellect prevails
1000 little deaths to death
And yet the grand dance is sweet
Sweet sweet pain begged for
By kings and farmers
The desires
The dreams
The 1000’s of wishes
The glittery things the world parades
Before quickly jaded eyes
Oh my soul cries for the wine
Of pure water once more
I try to taste it
I know too much now
To know that delight
In this grand dolourous waltz

Take my hand then
Try to have hope
Try to believe still that it will be
Sometime past times end
The spirit rises to lovliness

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