Broken Glass

Many many years ago
In the hot summer sun
Under those huge trees
No trees but those Cottonwoods
Grew so tall down by the lake
Where all the people went
To picnic in tall shade
I walked away from the group
Watching everyone pass the grass
You came
… We were so very very young
To be playing such old games
And so very old to still be living
In a kind of eternal childhood
No words were said
I was picking up bits of broken glass
Blue green and gold
Pretty and sending bits of sun
Flashing all over your face
As your dark eyes and blond hair
Glowed in the hot sun
We were so stoned
Speechless you smiled
You started to pick up bits of glass
Blue green and gold
Until both of our 18 year old hands
Were full of bright colourful bits
Broken beer bottles
Smashed by partiers before us
We crouched down in the red dirt
Under the tall green trees
Just starting to rain white fluff
In that late Summer
I put one bit of glass in the dirt
You smiled at me
You put another next to it
Soon we had a beautiful mosaic
Shining in the bright high sun
High like we were then
A mosaic made from trash
Like our lives of trash
We were innocent that one day
We made beauty from nothing
But broken glass
I will always remember that you
Old Old friend
I still love you

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