Perhaps If

There is One who knows us
Our desires, our darkness our light
Our falling away into fear
Our marching in triumphs
Our achievments and joys
One knows all things
How small are the things
We think mean all the world
While we fall like dead leaves
From Winter’s trees
… For ONE…..every generation
Is but a day in the season of forever
Sun sparkling on water
So lovely….this dance
May I have this dance with you?
You told me once long ago
‘If I could ask Allah
For one thing I would say’
“Give me Marry”
I have not forgotten
One sees all things
We may not play with the rules
If we want real happiness
In this world….
Much life has gone
Old songs sung and old games played
Youth lives Love so carelessly
It costs so little
But there is interest in the soul
Later the cost is a mountain
And still For ONE…every generation
Is but a day in the season of eternity
Eye to eye no secrets to ONE
So if you desire to dance with me
May it be your step is sure
Your mind clear
Your self control real
And I will dance my last dance
With my hand in yours
If One answers your long ago prayer
We can make this the last flame
Epic amazement on all faces
Speak your heart in words of truth
If you want my heart to listen
It hears Truth now….
I play music now it will not play me
No more One knows my heart
My intent and My purpose
Are you more than a symphony
Of male hormones screaming
More than lust alone as twilight falls
The sun is gone away….
The stars ride high and old drums
Pound wild rythmns in my heart

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