Watch For Signs

Sometimes something does not happen
Because it was not meant to be
It teaches you about people
Always watch for these signs
Pay attention to them
For what has been repeated
more than one time
Will be repeated again and again
… Even over many years
Things may not change
But it is all for the best
So if you make your best effort
For the guests that never arrive
Be happy that you still have
A best effort to make

2 thoughts on “Watch For Signs

    1. Ahhhh warlock…:D
      In many ways I ahve changed even beyond recognition of when we met….but the core being of me is as it always was and perhaps will forever be….someone was going to date me after many years and he did the same thing now as he did then…LOL….and I am alone and once more stuck on the chair until my leg heals struggling to make a good impression that would not be cared for….once a scorpion always a scorpion….LOL


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