Your Name Is Written On My Soul

I am nothing
The fluff torn from forgotten seed
The wind is my master
Lone soul blowing wherever it goes
I came from somewhere
So long ago I no longer recall
My name or place

I am nothing
No definition
Others say “this is she”
They say what they are themselves
With every word
I am nothing
The fluff torn from forgotten seed
Blow then wind
You always were my first friend
Before even another human
With the face of a child
Took my hand
To walk with me into the land of Nothing
I am nothing
1000 names of nothing.
You are far away
All of you
Those who are my heart
From childhood
Lost in time
To Friends whose faces
I never saw
You are far away
The building blocks of memory
Every colour of every emotion
Adding the best part of me
With my knowing you
You are far away
Too far away
Rocking Isolation
Reach out and rebuffed
The embarrassment
The punishment for being real
Many are not happy with real
Your real joys
Your real tears
Your real truth
They want to make you
As they believe you should be
To suite thier needs and desires
Those who rebel and refuse to follow
Are always left
In rocking Isolation
Run from this poor reality
Into dreams and imagination
Fly into the sun oh Icarus!
Make wings and risk death for belief….
From the nothing of electric thoughts
Stream words that laugh
Rob Time’s Treasure chest
There is no time left
Whirl into mindless nothingness
Until things STOP!
I see you every day
Only in my head
We parted long ago
Knowing that even forever
Would be denied us
Yet at this keyboard now
You sit beside me
Smiling like you did
We are doomed to always love
Everyone we ever loved
They live inside our hearts
Beautiful melodies
Sad and awesome
Wonderful beyond belief
I see you every day
Only in my head
You are a tender song
I play in my head all day
Behind the general life
Masks of laughter
Masking tears
You are the quiet smile
That holds my soul

In this Life
My reason to go on
You will never know
What you give me


Your name is written on my soul
I do not know how to read it
The alphabet is strange
I am still waiting for you Beloved
You will know when you arrive
Not to ask
For the heart drowning in bliss
Is incapable of thought
Final Angel
My companion
For the rest of the journey
On this The Cosmic Freeway
I will know You
Your name is written on my soul

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