When did we really hate each other so much?
Can’t you see I am exactly like you?
I am sorry I was not a boy,
But you did get one,
I wish….I wish you never knew what alcohol was,
I wish you stayed that awesome person
You were before the other kids could understand

If you come through this snowy night
Like I know you will
I know you will never hear this
Or read it…
But maybe you would know one day…I remember you…
When you sang like an angel.
I remember you when you started the campfire
And took us to swim where the water was clean enough to drink…
You taught me about the plants,
The animals,
All the life around,
The meanings in the stars,

I know I was never the one you could be proud of
Always the rebel
Always the one who faced you off like another man…

Papa I am just like you…

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