Be There

Past all my eyes can see
There is a beautiful place
Inside my mind
Outside the universe
A place where pain ends
Where legs run and feet are never tired
There I will stride long once more
Feet unshackled by this reality
Caused by this temporary dwelling
No more tears
… No more limitation
No more lies of humankind
Those who think they know
Those who know a tiny bit
Being laughs at every word
You will be with me
In all things
Past all my senses know
Take my hand and we will run
Together over rocky ridges
Roll down green hills
Dotted with bright rainbows
More frangrant than Iran’s roses
More brilliant than our eyes can see
The Green Hills of Eire
The Valleys of Kashmir
The Grand Canyon
The Rift Valley
All spread before us in perfection
More than this reality can give
Like children freed
Lonliness vanished as souls link
A chain of beauty playing
Climbing trees
The bees will share the honey
We will speak to all things
They will speak back
We will speak to angels
We will travel anywhere we desire
Just by thinking
All I have missed in this illusion
I have called Life
Will be within my thought’s command
You will be there my love
You will hold my hand
Shall we waltz oh my soul?
Shall we circle this space
Circling the sphere circling
Soar as eagles do above the clouds
Where air is rare
Shed this corporeal thing
We were taught to falsely worship
By fake ‘gods’ on flat screens
Made by men with gifts given by God
Shall we waltz oh my soul?
… Lets swing around the bola’s ellipse
All drawn by sound
You are within me my love
My better half
How often I have closed my eyes
Alone in a room
Dreaming of you
While dancing with air
In days gone by when feet
Still stood tippy toe
To pretend to reach you
Yesterday so long ago
Other half of my soul
Let us waltz oh my soul
Inside these walls of bone
I am not alone
Let me lean on you a moment
I am too much a burden on myself
Please take me Home
The place I never had on this Earth
Please take me home
Carry me like a child in your hands
This fragile soul
Trapped in this here and now
Then this gypsie will stop wandering
From tear to tear
… Let me lean on you a moment
I am tired of being strong
I want to be beautiful
It would not be thrown to dogs
Like trash if it was mine
You would be with me
Please take me home
Where the garden is green and sweet
Where the sky is too blue
The fruit too sweet
The rocks on this road hurt so these feet
Let me lean on you a moment
Maybe then I could walk this last mile
Knowing you would be there
At the end of this farce we call Life
Please take me home
Where white marble halls run forever
Where red canyons full of caves
Run under mountains
Where seas are clean and alive
Where every sound is music
Where birds put Mozart to shame
Please take me home
Where I have never been
And let me lean on you a moment
Oh yes!!!!
We are so near so near!!!!
LOOK! Hurry hurry!
It is just there just ahead!
What will it be like
When we all are together
In a place where sorrow flees
So the Joy may rule eternity
All the lost children will be there
The ones killed for the sake of ease and freedom
Will welcome us if we can be there
We will know them
Everyone will smile and laugh
There will not be enough arms to hold that love
… If all the pain we suffered here
Is transformed to light
To a beautiful dance
Be there with me
Be there

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