God Knew I Would Cry

Hands wait for words to come
Isolate beyond description
Walls for company
The Silence of Darkess
Lit by the unseen candle
Guttering in unfelt winds
Lonliness past understanding
Lonliness refuses to beg
So hands wait for words to come
… Knowing Life goes on
In the River flowing all around
This rock that sits here
Slowly worn away by time
Waiting for beautiful dreams
Eyes closed
What is the sum of us?
All the genetic material
Unzipped and zipped again
Bringing all the memory of those before
Until the hands of time grasp
In one human being
All the ‘goodbyes’
Sometimes we think of these
When we see
A person we are close to
Hooked up to IV’s
Waiting for the verdict
Of tomorrow
So many goodbye’s before
Some to eternity
Some to time
… Some to circumstance
Still they are always with me
To think about this verdict
That is one we all will know
Some tomorrow
Do we have another day?
Another year?
Another eternity
In an Unzipped Helix?

And we start programmed
To be what was written
On the helix of our ‘self’
Twining forever our creation
… In love or sorrow
In loss or or gift
We come into Life crying
Spend it trying to decipher
The code we are made of
Code written before we existed
God knew I would cry

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