In the early morning
The whole world around me sleeps
My world comes to life
Filled with stories and amazing things
My little room grows as huge as the universe
Full of the smiles from the world
If I could just BE with you with all of me
If I could see your SEA
If I could climb your mountains
My dreams are full of such lovely things
Gifts that make me wake up smiling
I can go anywhere
Leave this shell and let my spirit
Sit next to you
Hear your voices I never heard
Smell the leaves of the trees
Watch the dancers whirl and smile
Joy is the words you give me
Laughter is the gift of your soul
Happiness is what I feel when I see your faces

Blow wind!
Blow wild and free!
Take me with you into the blue skies!
Let me soar over places so old,
They have names no one can translate anymore!
Let me know the meanings of the words,
That the Guardians speak over the beauty of Earth
To keep us from destroying our home completely,
Like mindless ghosts,
Devouring everything good that is left,
… Before we look at it,
If we saw what we could change,
What we could do,
We would beg the heavens for forgivness,
Oh wild wind blow!
Blow the messeges for all to hear,
The cries of the angels…..
I can hear the call of the pipes,
High and sweet they air still clear air,
No one speaks,
They keep travelling the road they were born on,
Walking each step they must walk,
Lovely and amazing,
Each hears the music of his soul,
If you can hear the music of mine,
Know that I love you,
Like exploding universes,
… Like tiny star-flowers,
Almost invisible in the grass,
Know how this bliss feels,
In your existence,
Is my sustenence,
My reason to keep travelling,
One more step on the road,
I was born to travel,
Such a priviledge it is,
To take one step with you….


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