Love Is My Muse

You are the light in my heart,
You are the smile on my soul,
You are the reason words spill,
Like waterfalls from helpless hands,
You are the reason to believe,
Paradise is possible,
You are my Mythic Muse,
My forever Nameless one,
Forever innocent of my love,
In this you have my very best love,
… The most real and pure I can give,
You are beautiful beyond words,
Amazing past description,
That day I fell in love with a photo,
Of a young man on Dusty Street.
On the other side of Earth,
I have had other muses.
Poets need such loves,
To inspire,
To give LIFE to constructions,
Made from poor words,
My muses have been the Kings of Muses,
You are above them all,
You are The Secret Of The Heart,
The Unseen Unknown,
My muse… love….

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