Flood The World

Behind the headlines
We write upon our faces
Frantic thought streams
Pooling into peace
Prancing over stones
Announcing who we are
Coming and going
Passing ourselves in the center
Barely aware of the contact
How anger rips through joy
… Joy races through despair
Lost in dark forests
Until coming onto plains
Is too bright
Light hurts and night falls
Thoughts collide
Singular supplication
Until time exceeds speed limits
Can I wait the second it takes
Until I arrive?
The bombastic mask
On the terrified emotions
Playing unheard songs of love
For no-one’s grace
I would have died for you then
But never lived for you
The rippling quickness
Heavy storms rising into dawn
Hands move in tandem yet alone
Mother….I hear your voice
Your choices as you walked
The loveless life
My feet follow
Only more alone
Together we are a prayer
To eternity
Only you saw light and I darkness
Oh God of all destinies
The ghosts of roses
Untouchable by untouchables
Oh souls pierced by the sound
Angels praising You
Makes me loose my breath
To silent sobs
So everything goes away
On silent feet we stray
On knees we fall and pray
And night fades into day
Spill love from Your hands into mine
I will give it away
Free for all who eyes can see
No fists in empty air
No screaming at the skies
For blind we seek tomorrow
Grasping at our hearts without sight
To swim in your mind
What horrors or delights
You and I will never know
We are trapped by these pots of clay
Filled with air
Fire and water made of earth
Somehow we can feel the amazement
Of the moment never spoken
Hands cupped to hold the blessing
Teeth clenched against the fears
Walk with me and you will see
You cannot SEE…if I could flood the world
With love from this trembling axis
About to break into bits
Crying for the children

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