Dark Morning

Early in this dark morning
Before the rise of sun
I can feel you all in your day
All so beautiful
Wishing that somehow
You could all know
That you could feel me
Touch your heart
If I could be there with you all
Wherever you are
… Watching your seas and mountains
Smiling with you like I see you smile
In worlds I can not hold
In two hands then
Are all the prayers I can give
For every one of you
To be the strong and beautiful ones
I know each and every one of you are
Can you hear me sending one voice
In these electromagnetic winds
Like a messege in a bottle
Floating on a sea of Love
So amazing
So almost unbearable missing
So present in every word
In every thought
Melancholy joy
Happy sorrows
The hope that one day we will meet
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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