Light Them All At Once

When sleep is near
You can almost feel it
The mind leaving ‘self’
For the glorious world of dreams
A night might last ten thousand years
Whole lifetimes lived
In the substance of grey matter
Crammed in one white case
More incredible
Than any computer humans make
In dreams I run, I fly, I dance, I LIVE
Such Life as is not in this room
With pop-corn ceilings
Square walled
Chills of reverie
Take me far beyond myself
Until orchestras of life
Play all at once
Everyone I ever lost is here
In the Darkmorning
With me
Every lost year
Every lost friend
Every one I ever loved
In this one place
Whirling in space
Light them all at once
Little match girl!
This moment is worth it….
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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