To Worlds…..

…With No Mercy For Love
How sweet it is
Just to imagine you
Somewhere in the world
Smiling or crying
At this moment
This second in time
I am reflecting back to you
The smile you give my soul
It never stops dancing
… Volumes of happiness
I breathe out to you
With every word
Let it pour
Over your head and down your spine
Like cold water on a hot day
Let it make your soul dance too
What you give me
I would freely share with you
In this moment
Without measurement
I will hold your heart in warm hands
You will feel the bliss I feel now
Waterfalls of emotion
Joined in my electric imagination
In lands past our knowing
I would give you every song
Every poem
The laugh of every child
Every blue sky
Every dream forbidden
In this Life
Waltzing like Life never allowed
Sun coming alive
Vistas where beauty never ends
Rest with me a moment here
Before Time snatches us back
To night and day
To worlds with no mercy for Love
Rest with me
Until my reverie of Love
For real life

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