Tattered Rag

Yesterday was so long ago old friend
Now you no longer see me
I yet see you
So many years we gave each other
In one form or another
Everything changes
Now you think you will never see me
In your heaven
You are with me like all are always
With me in that part of heart
… That always remains with you
The reason why God said
Love only one for a lifetime
If you can
Because you will always love
You will never forget one soul
One love one face
They stay forever with each memory
Until the very last breath
I gave my heart to the world
Now pieces of it cry all over earth
Crying like lost children
Is there anything left inside
Is it gone now
Memory cringes with it’s cruelty
It spares nothing of the real
Oh God forgive me an infinity of time
Forgive this one life
Inflicted on the world
Wounded and wounding
Doomed to the sword from birth
Like a magic evil it follows
Even thrown into the abyss
It rises like the sun rises
It gives itself to me
It commands me to write
Like music pours from hands and brain
Powered by the unseen
Crushed by my lover Silence
All that is left of the tattered rag
Of one soul straining to live
Day to day to day
Passing so fast now I can see the moon
Soar the skies with my eyes alone
Time speeds faster as the time is less
The Law of Relativity applied to Life
It goes slower when there is a distance
To view as you move through it
As the universe of ‘self’ collapses
Time begins to speed
Until so many lightyears
Passed sinced yesterday

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