The Face

Serious always
But the rare smile
Is like a second sun
Warming every friend around
Who can see it
I am jealous
I can see that smile
Only in a photograph
If it moves me so
In static non motion
How much more
Does it make hearts dance
Who can stand nearby
Even strangers
Must smile when you smile
How is it I can feel you who are
Without being near
Yet you are as near to me
As my hands that type these words
As lovely as the light
That comes out
In that smile
Is every mountain ever climbed
Snow and treelines green
In season
In that smile are birds flying
Rain falling
Wind singing treetop music
In that smile
Are all the centuries
It took to make it
All the ones who came before
Chaining each locked on the other
Like lovers made
Until love made that smile
Until that smile becomes love
Another link will lock
In time chaining love to love
And I will be jealous not to see the smile
That a new smile sees
Opening it’s eyes on the earth
Still surrounded by angels
Seeing them more clearly than this life
So did you and I
Once the same
Smile toothless smiles at golden light
You are beautiful
So poor an expression of the heart
It houses
Until you smile


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