Wired From Childhood For Ideal Beauty

I read an article asking ‘Why does female sexuality decline with age.’ This led me to a joke I heard from a guy friends who said, “Women will be the equal of men when they can walk down the main street in town, bald and with a big gut, and still think they are sexy.”

It is hard to be female in this world when, every where you look, some glamour gal is staring at you from some media venue SHOWING you that you are not and will never be that ‘great.’ Women have to feel beautiful to be sexy. They have to know they are beautiful to feel sexy. A woman who does not feel beautiful may be willing to please her partner but she may not be able to get much from it herself.

When you are young you think, “Hey I can compete with that!” or, “If I work hard enough I can compete with that!” and so sex is still sexy cause there is still hope. As body changes, and/or children, and age occur and the world’s normative for beauty does not change it becomes difficult for many many women to see themselves and so they just give up….on sex…on themselves…on everything.

Those who are wealthy enough often buy plastic surgery…in my own family the one with the most plastic surgery reports the highest level of satisfaction with sex. She can still compete with the gals that her hubby drools over before they get it on…she does not feel at all threatened by them: She looks like them. She can walk down the street and men drop at her feet and beg her for attention.

A woman’s sexuality may peak at 40 but she might never be able to express it because she can’t even stand to look at herself in a mirror….she might be the horniest creature in earth and if anyone wanted to score they could do so easily but she will never allow that chance and if it does come she cannot enjoy it because she can ‘see’ all the things she is ‘not’ is her minds eye and she knows what he porno he surfs because guys, women surf too, not very much or often, but they do surf from curiosity to see what he has been looking at or to get even and look at hot guys online.

This media we live with can really ruin things for a nice guy cause he will suffer the consequences of the one he loves not being interested anymore because, no matter what he says with all the sincerity of his heart she cannot believe it. It is the same principle as knowing you are beautiful to your mother only because your mother loves you….not because you really ARE…(according to the world of the Woods Family: Holly, Bolly Dolly and Lolly and thier cousin ‘Barbie.’).

Very few women are able to opt out of this ‘loop-of-destructive-imagery’ and see themselves as lovely just they way they are…I wonder what the world might be like if the Idol of False Beauty was not available for worship?

What Do You Think?

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