Oh Beloved One
Look upon these faces
These desperate hearts
Seeking to fill emptiness with nothing
Send them waterfalls of Love
Send them rain
Wash hurting eyes
Until rivers of joy flow
Until deserts of cruelty melt
Until sand begins to green
… Make each one see
The other as a creation
Of such amazing beauty
That there is no way to compare
Oh Beloved One
The best words I have
You give me
The sweetest tears
Belong to You
The most joyful smile
It is Yours
No matter then the tattered humanity
For I, too, am tattered
Each of us torn in different ways
We still have to keep walking
Until there is no road
Until words end
Until beautiful gates open
Into places we cannot imagine
Oh beloved One
Be with me in my aloneness
As I finally rest into dreams
You give me such lovely ones
May it be one day
The world is clean again

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