Don’t Move

If I could melt into your presence

Your shirt moving over the hairs

Poking through and tickling

The inside of my ear pressed hard to your heart

I cannot hold you tightly enough

If I could only crawl into your heart

Like a child

Oh please do not let go!

I do not need to breathe

If I could die this way

In your embrace

It would be enough to smile

To feel warm again in the cold world

To hear the Life course through you

Don’t move!

No need to hide the way

Your body says, “I love you.”

Let time freeze now

Let this forever be the only torture

If we even say one word

This eternity will fall to dust

This tighrope we balance upon

Break and fall


Fall forever our two souls

Once twined never broken

No matter the years

No matter the distance

Atomic material

Spinning together in green trees


Heaven would be You

Forever in me sharing Life

Those never born await us one day

Always Fall always the season of tears to fall

Falling like my soul now

From the union of ‘forever love’.

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