The Oldest Dance Of Time

Laying on the sand,

You are lovely,

Dark eyes closed to sun,

I step quietly,

I Move carefully,

No shadow will disturb you,

Watch you rest,

Your hands under your head,

Feast for my mind,

Summer cotton barely hides,

Cloth the sun barely baked dry,

Breezes lift light material,

Stiff from salt washing,

You must be dreaming,

Of whom do you dream?

How to wake the sleeping prince?

Washed up on the shore?

I see no ship sinking sailing,

In the waves soft roar,

Who are you?

From where you came?

Why are you asleep on my strand of sand?

Here I stand,

Watching as you breathe,

Wishing you beneath,

My eyes close too,

I can see the Grand Play,

Timing what to choose,

Heart skips beats for fantasy,

Shall I pin you under me?

The sun moved shadows,

While I waited here transfixed,

How long while the seagulls screamed?

While you dream,

I cannot wait,

I shall risk this,

Moment just to be with you,

Feet feel sand shift,

Carefully choosing silence,

Nature helps each step have stealth,

Until I stand above you,

My shadow cast behind,

Taller than the rocks above us,

Swift as the eagle drops

I bend my knees to sand,

My arms halo your head,

My hands pinion your hands,

Bodies meet the waves,

Tide is rolling in,

Your eyes open wide,

Let the oldest dance,

Of time begin.

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