King Of Many Riches

King of many riches
Why take the last from the least?
You have so much
What need of you
To be more than you are now
At the expense of a peasant?
What is such a small amount
Of more glory and power worth
From one with so little left
Who gives it freely

The world is such a place
To shake a fist in the face of injustice
Seems a kind of hopeless gesture
Then it becomes a matter of the soul
To go down begging the master
To go down defiant
Even with no hope?
To simply GO…..Then where do you go?
Where to escape?
Where is the place
Where evil hands do not reach?
Who is more responsible?
The One who made men need?
The one who puts desired things
Before the eyes of need?
What is that we want!
What is it that we care for?
There is nowhere to escape yourself,
For everywhere you go there is also a devil
There is also a GOD….

In the end we are gasping the last
Hoping to see light again….

What Do You Think?

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