Does Anything Really Matter?

If nothing matters that is the question……
If nothing matters why believe anything?
Why do?
Why try?
Why care?
Why care if you try?
Why love why hate why talk to another human being ever?
It is a play: the Grand Illusion (Styx)
Are we even all the same?
Does that even matter?
… Who cares then?
If no one cares why do I care?
If I am rude what difference does it make?
Naughty or nice?
I was serious when I wrote…
‘Just when I thought I could not care less…
…I find out I can….’

What use is anything any emotion and human any ______ ?
If it is all nothing and worth nothing?
Those people who ‘gear’ me….is that rude?
Don’t they have the freedom to decide their own venues?
If they do what use is their love or mine?

What does that word mean anyway…
…in ANY format pure or profane?
Even I and all of us decide who is in a list,

Who cares?

Who is better?

The one with 5000 who rejects no one or the one who keeps only the best pearls?

If we have a right to decide even that,

What meaning and value does any of this grand play have?


Does that mean if you wanna see my cleavage

To prove something you can cause it does not matter?
The whole world can see it who cares?

‘Am thinking on this….If nothing is precious, nothing sacred,
 Peacocks are preferred over wrens and that is also right…then lets play?

Why is that even important????
Then I should walk naked down main street and no one notice?

Would it matter?
Is it even important?

What Do You Think?

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