When You Know Too Much

Time comes when you know too much and believe too little. Time comes when faith in humanity is small and everytime you think you cannot trust less you find out you can…Time comes when you don’t give a rats ass if people think you are negative or positive or even real….yeah….time comes.

You talk to God and there is no voice back. You listen to people preach about how to deal with reality and thank them and move on cause they are telling you how they dealt with thier own reality and each of us has to figure that out by ourselves….

Sometimes I laugh to myself.

I think I will make an ad and put it in the paper,

                                                                         “Wanted. Muslim Liberal. Over 40. If you have a wife  SHE has to ask me! I am an old classic. Fixer Upper. If you are into fixing things up like new I am the one for YOU!  I know ALOT about men. So much so I have a really low opinion of about 2/3rds of them and a really high opinion of 1/10th of them and since I am no angel, (and also no dog), is there any way to get a selection from the middle percentage?”

(Of course I know this is not going to work. I know too much and I don’t think there is anyone out there for me whose head I won’t rip off for being male in due course….)


What Do You Think?

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