Was it the way sun looked through trees?
‘Window-pane’ left the same taste
As shards of glass washing out of the mouth,
Like tides washing out to sea,
You and me,
So bold,
Nothing we did not try,
To try to reach the sky,
Now you are the glimpse
Of the colour purple
… In the corner of my vision……Was it the wind off the Lake that day?
Pregnant with the smoke
Of that ‘fattie’ you rolled with one hand….laughing.
Was it my ponytail?
Was it Black Sabbath getting stuck in reverse
In broken eight-trak?
Was it the unseen everywhere?

I could feel you wanted that kiss then,
Sticking that doobie in your mouth first,
Turning to face the window….
Those buds bled purple….
Master grower…
23 generation ‘Chernobyl’
I could smell it 10 miles away….
Two hits and you were in another land…

You could SEE things….

Was it the night we ran the turn-table
On ‘Stairway To Heaven’
We ALL gasped as we heard Jimmy….
While stoned into ‘fubar’,
Say, “My sweet Satan..”

I tore the album off the turn-table….
I broke it into pieces…

We slowed Robert Plant down for fun,
Until he sounded like Elvis Presley…

“Oh Baby…Baby….”

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