Everyone Is Guilty


I have yet to meet another human being who has NEVER done this:

1) Acted like they liked people they despise

2) Borne tales to gain favour.

3) Told a part of the truth to be ‘honest’ while still making an impression that is dishonest.

4) Acted compassionate to get information to use against people.

Some do this sort of thing more often and some less and there are a very few for whom it is a rare occurance. This poem is written to the whole world…all of us are guilty. ALL of us.

No one meant any harm
We never do
He said to me
I said to you
They said to us both
Then said something else to you
All the conversations
Backing on the ‘bite’
Not knowing we would all hear
What we said some day or night
… From one who wanted favour
Or one who was ticked off
Everybody plays the game
Everybody screws the cost
Was it we who said
“We are hiding out she drives us nuts,
She is eating our our brains!”
Or “I am not here that idiot
Asked me to marry him again!”
The guts we spill
Give up the will
The conversations copy-pasted
Oh what I could tell the world
Everyone of us be wasted
Happy Haha to the face
Run away, It is a race
Why have best friends
If you can’t say it to their face
And risk a kick to curbside
Where every gossips ass is bare
Where the ones we all
In private
While we preach our new self born
Stealing personality
Thinking that will make “you”…”me’…
Is that even who you WANT to be?
Paste the face of fake compassion
On the act of speech
There is nothing left to learn
Nothing left to teach
You become the same as me….
All of us are GUILTY!!!!!
Yeah I sin and yeah I talk
And some of who I am may shock
If you ask me straight I’ll tell
I won’t be alone if I go to hell
Don’t pretend you’re an angel
Don’t be such a devil
We are only human yaaro
Let’s be on the ‘level’

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