All My Beloved

The bright fantasy of the mind
Left for the lonely
As sweet as nectar
All in the electrical brain
I can live 1000 lives
Love 10,000 times
Never touch anyone
What is left is made
Of smokeless fire
Reflected mirages
Dreams of words
Two edged swords
We all
Like magnets drawn
Come To one place 
By  forces within
We barely comprehend
Feel my soul
Both dark and light
Questing peace
You are It’s sweetest song
Pan’s pipes to live
Once more in memories
Even snow smiles
I would collect you all
To my world and my heart
Like the most beautiful
Most precious treasures
Keep you safe in this heart box
You are all like light and song
You escape to the world and shine
You are like clouds
Like seas and rain
Every amazing Life
Uncatchable as light
 All my beloved
All my beloved

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