Friends With The Devil

Once upon a time there was a fellow who made friends with the Devil. He didn’t know it at the time. The Devil was ALOT of fun. It was amazing how much fun they had together. All his buddies noticed and they loved the devil too. By the time that fellow figured out his best buddy was the Devil it was too late all his buddy’s were best friends with the devil too.

He wanted out. There were just a few problems. He really liked the Devil alot. The Devil had all his buddies. The buddies the Devil didn’t have were not around him anymore. So instead of doing the right thing he stayed with the Devil. He stayed from pride because he did not want anyone saying that he was a bastard for getting rid of the Devil. He didn’t didn’t want any of his buddies to say he was jealous of the Devil and the Devil was his best buddy now and already he sinned a million times cause of that Devil and made other people sin for that Devil too.

The worst part was knowing that the Devil loved him better even then his own friends seemed to. His friends loved the Devil better than anyone in the world. Even worse than that….it was all his fault.

One day he found himself alone. The Devil had everyone and everyone loved the Devil best. Hardly anyone was left but the Devil. Then the Devil left too and there were very few friends left and none of them close anymore. He asked one to find him another devil, after all he was worth nothing to anyone now having given everything to the Devil. That friend. one of the beloved ones…said he would be a devil and then he was gone. Even more alone and with less heart left than ever he tried to find another and an even more precious person said to him, You are nothing so we can be close.”

He went to That one’s house and saw reminders of a time when there was no devil. He was very sad. He now knew that many of the devil’s best friends were just holy pretenders and that those they would call the worst of sinners were acting more like Allah wished. He missed those sinners with all his heart. They were gone.

He sat down on a curb to think. He went to see what the Devil was about with open eyes and realized there was nothing there but lies and fantasy. He too was now nothing but a lie and a fantasy. The good ones were not there and The Devil had won all hearts because the few, ‘good’ people could not be attractive enough.

As he sat there he wondered what would be best…To ask forgivness and eat the bullet now or wait for the fires of Hell and have a great time on the way out…but he knew one thing beyond all other things: That this world belongs to the Devil….until the last days….

(inspired by Arif’s video)

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