A God Named ‘Ford’

The world leaves me
Without reason it does not matter
If no human voice is there with mine
If no human words are with me
If all contact is gone
I am still whole
I am still smiling
No one can know me
Put labels on me …
Maybe they think
Those titles make me that
They are wrong
I am not that
I am still smiling
1000’s of years from now
If there are still people
They may dig up toilet seats
Call them picture frames
They may think
All the shiney rainbow discs
Are all religious artifacts
They may find cars
Believing them
To be MovingTemples
To a god named ‘Ford’
This is how much
People know about me 
I am not a weight
I am not an age
I am not a title
I am not mad nor sane
I am still smiling

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