Make Me

Walking ahead
Many days I dreamed of you
Staring at your photo
For hours until the sun rose
Now here you are
Just ahead of me
If I could will
You to slow down and turn
See me …
I want your hands
Warm and brown
Wait for me
Let me catch you
To breathless to speak
I would will you to turn
In this bright sunshining down
In this cold wind coming down from snows
Extremes of delight
Excite one soul
Such a sweet crooked smile
For you I stand beyond time
If a heart can melt from joy
I could stare into those eyes
Until forever is yesterday
My heart stopped
Skipping to you as a child
Stand before you in awe
Your face
Like some angel’s in this palace of green
Please forgive these tears
While I smile back
Say nothing
I can smell your sweat
The slopes and rocks of land
Like Love Salt stings and heals
Your arms reach
Beckon and I would fall into them
One wrist in each strong hand
Raised until all that is soft of me
Is stretched into your body
I will lock my fingers
In your dark curls
Rest my face upon your heart
You are bliss
You are fire
My throat aches
You are moving
I will not let go
You hold me so tightly
Thin Summer’s material
Hides nothing
Hard desire pressed into a soft belly
Speaking more of Love
Than any words
Your eyes tragic
With old sweet pain
Drinking tears from my face
Soft lips and desire
Rip the thin weave of Summer
Make the bed soft green
Whisper into my body
All of your Love
With your body
In the rythmns of Life
Flood me with your energy
Smooth brown into soft pink
Trembling like the earth
It’s only explosion
That is sweet and pain
Both at once

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