Smoke And Cheers

This world

So cold

With no heart

Players deal the cards in smoke and cheers

Yet there is that in every one of us

That wishes on stars

That hopes for a moment of sweetness

To float down the river of fantasy

Live in nothing for a while

Pretend it is real

Are you my equal

Are you the one who wants

To make a heart cry one tear of blood

For the memories

Until the last second

To die smiling

In the arms of Love

Even if it cannot be real

Oh for Paradise and forever youth

Shall you waltz with me to this song of Life

Until the wind blows mountains away?

Beautiful one

Untouchable from afar

Shall you then take my hand in this grand play

Shall we whirl across the cloudline

High above the trees

Hold me closer


One thought on “Smoke And Cheers

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