You Could Have Been Me

How did you make the Golden People love you when we were young?

I never could seem to get the hang of it and so this song,

How did you know so young how to socially belong?

While I struggled to understand joking while along?

You grew up with praise and adulations,

Beloved by your peers everywhere you were,

I was the ‘human dictionary’ when someone wanted a ‘brain’,

I was the one they said, “Don’t be like HER!”,

I could have been you,

You could have been me,

I know you worked hard to get what you have but you can’t see,

You could have been me,

I could have been you,

The you would know when I said, “I did my best”, it was true,

You found a rich man who had a conscience and was easy to catch,

Two people who loved money it was an almost perfect match,

Both of you had loved before people who were your opposite,

Both of you still cry some tears for learning from your own insight,

I know you both love people and that’s how you get along,

You think I am some loser that is why I wrote this song,

I know that you would never say this to my face,

You really don’t know me….I am from the ‘alien race’

You could have been me,

I could have been you,

You could have the world mesmerized by your IQ,

I could have been you,

You could have been me,

The world could have been all about making money….

Now you have a daughter and an incredible son,

Born with all the requisites that real success requires,

He never saw a drunken father beat up on his bride…

He’s never known what it means to barely survive,

Everyone compares his autistic sister to me,

They say how much we are alike in our negativity,

They think that we can’t hear the words they say,

We never forget any words we ever hear until this day….

She could have been him,

He could have been her,

Shifted from house to house with one dad and two mothers,

He could have been her,

She could have been him,

With a father who loved her closely from the ‘begin.’

Please don’t judge the ones who are not

‘Quite right in the head’

You may have no idea how they got that way….


Don’t call us ‘losers’….don’t call us names….

You have no idea what you’d be if you were the same….

Don’t look down your nose at who we are,

You escaped the walls that stuffed our souls in jars…

4 thoughts on “You Could Have Been Me

  1. nice song, some things i got it that i already know,…………..
    sweet pain, interesting it is……………


  2. You and I must be around the same age, I found your writings by accident. I was looking for the lyrics to Raindrops.
    We must have also shared some of the same experiences growing up. Your words resonate with my spirit and I feel that sadness of what we lived. The beauty of the internet in it’s own algorhythem is that we don’t always find what we search for, but what we find is what we need at the moment.


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