The Gate Keeper

The Gate Keeper

If any one liked my erotica it is missing because of ‘The Gate Keeper’. I met this kid when I was really down and playing ‘bite me’ with the sharks. Already alot of people were swimming around in the bloody water and while i may not have been responsible for all of it, nor the one who began it, I still have to own my fair share of it that led me to being a ‘cheesy joke lady’ ONE MORE TIME so Ravan was right but I digress.

I say ‘kid’ but that is really not a great words for him. He is innocent like a kid by choice in a world that keeps smacking him in the face with stuff but of all the people who asked me to, (and there are a few i would have listened to had they asked), he is the only one who told me to get rid of that stuff and the way he asked was such that I could not refuse. He did not preach. He did not tell me how evil I was he just asked and said why.

So I took it down.

Then he started doing something that I had wished guys online who said they were in love with me would do and they never did because if they did people would think they were in love with me and make fun of them for loving an old cougar hag who could not do anything for them and this young ‘cowboy’ style kid was not scared to do that…..

…….he DEFENDED me.

Talk about freaked out! He was not scared to be affectionate and called me mom. He honestly did not seem to care what anyone else thought.

I love this kid he is ‘Yosome’.

He never tells me to stop crying and be strong. He never critques me and tells me what is wrong with me that I should change. He does not judge me and he is not scared of anyone or anything and yet what he says to all is meant with a respect that he gets and deserves.

Like everyone else online I have no idea if anyone else is real or not but REAL OR NOT I love the personality I have written of as ‘The Gate Keeper’.

Keep the gates of your heaven
In this crying evil humanity
You must feel alone sometimes
Seeing the insanity
Smiling as you know you must
Watching things around you rust
Knowing we all become dust
Someday where roses grow….

Keep the gates of your heaven
With goodwill when you can
Even when it seems there is

No ‘brotherhood’ of ‘man’
Strong when you would rather rest,
Walking onwards towards ‘the test’,
Sure that you are not ‘the best’
But someday Allah knows…

My strong Keeper of the Gates
At least to your own soul
This is the only way to live
And keep one man’s heart whole,
Being good when bad looks fun,
Missing out when it is done,
Not easy to be a good son,
The way this world flows…

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