Hurt Beats

No lex talionis

Gone are the Queensbury Rules

Hurt beats pump the fist

World full of fools

Malum in se

Iniquitus strive to win the ring

With a coprolite stone

While the demons sing

Sanctify me ordo-fine me

I do as as I will

You think I am your dancing blue man

Sweating to his grave


Your love is so invidious


Dire and disasterous

Maladie du pays

Living soul it flays

Chopping off the days

Until dead….it lays

Mortify me Mort amour

Nail one soul upon your door

Angels cry, “Dolores! Dolores!”

Crying on the ground….all fours.


My lexicon of ‘know’


My multum in parvo


Muse to my bard


Confuse me hard


My sacrament….my ritual

My own hell I did consent

Consecrate me concentrate me

Excommunicate me

Love unsent

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