Step closer then


Draw me into you


You form the circle with your arms


I will penetrate that circle with all my being


One ear resting on one heart beat


Four feet


A stronger base than two alone


Warm to warm in worlds cold to love


Closer still


Sliding arms up to reach your neck


Fingertips feel the pulse like vunerability and trust


Lacing fingers around your neck into a circle yet again


You penetrate me with your whole being


Warm to warm yet closer still


The world that was there disappears


Only eyes pinned to eyes in magnetic gazes


Linked by lust that turns to love’s electricity


The feel that material makes pressed between the circles


Flesh that yet is not close enough


Rigid with separation’s pain


Even while hard flesh presses into soft


Standing in the frozen moment hot as fire


Unconsumated Unconsecrated


Comes the kiss without volition


One reaches up seeking one reaching down


Words unspoken except by touch


Soft and warm and maybe even bitten


Reaching up as humans may to angels reaching down


Feel the oldest dance within the first action of choice


In time


The dance is rythmn in the circles we have made until we fall


Into the snow banks or soft grasses


Into lakes or beds of flowers blanketing mountains


Or maybe into shallow seas with tickling foam


Your weight on me as proof of your protection


You I will circle once more


Ankles locked around your waist


Somehow all the material things fled


And you say I love you without words


Buried inside me with your whole being


The Circle is completed


Then comes LIFE!

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