I have been meaning to write about my friend for some time, but I did not know what nik-name to give him…he is the most amazing mix of past, present and future. He writes things that are awesome enough to make an Iranian-style movie from and yet he would never claim his talents. Because he is so much like what I imagined those brave mujahids that fought the Soviet Union I will call him “Pukhtoon”.

We never really can know another human being of course in real life or on line…we can only ‘know’ what we see of them and how we interact with them. He is fearless, hospitable, polite, and very intelligent…what really got me were his eyes. They were like a dark mirror to reflect back at the giver what was given. He can ‘see’ things that need to be done when others miss those things and he is a man and acted like one even before he would have been considered one. I can imagine him waiting for his enemies who are down to get back up before he started to attack them  again so the win  would be a ‘clean’ win. I can imagine him following old ways with grace and easily mixing them with new….

When I think of words like, ‘fair play’, honour, ‘stand your ground’ and honesty his face comes in front of my thoughts. These are the kind always most attacked by by evil…The most powerful potential for good is always attacked to make them feel less than or as evil as their attacker….

I guess his dedication to his land, like those who surround him, is one of the things I admire about him….you can love or hate or feel anything you like about his land but even I cannot fully understand it and I studied it most of my life from afar. No one cen really understand fully a place they were not born. Apologists are everywhere bleeting ‘Soory soory!!!!’ and doing nothing….he apologizes for nothing from his nation and does all he can for it. I remember once people made fun of a photo of him as being one of a very few at a rally a little over two years ago…they said he was a fool and that no one could make the crooked mess, led by a bucktoothed donkey, any better….he did not care…One of his friends said once in a group I made, “One plus one equals eleven.” he was ridiculed for trying and now he is among hundreds of thousands in unity for what people once said was impossible.

In the years I have known him I have seen him become more amazing with each passing day…and yet he has no cares for his own importance. He knows this life is but a passing stage we play upon and he knows that he would prefer to be a hero….

….and he will be.

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