One Seed In The Desert




Stretched thin across many miles

Past the eyes can only smell what might be
The travellers packed up and left
Once more between here and there

Among them was a man with a handfull of seeds

Desert dreams
Mirages that kill unwary
Dig just beneath to find the liquid life

One handfull of seed
He could not leave them kingdoms to rule
He could not even rule himself
Flung to the winds
Entering the bottle of golden poison
Drowning like a huge djinn
The sorrow

Winds took the seeds far away
Where all he wished for them came true
Those seeds grew to be strong trees
Deep in green valleys
Far from him
Waiting for death in silence
Many years
His joy unconnected

One seed stuck to his palm
He could not see that one
Walked he
Into the winds
Into the storms
Somewhere one seed dropped…

The daughter of his soul…
A dry tear left in the searing sun
Where rain falls
Every thousand years….

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