Show and Tell

There were a huge group of children playing on a playground. They were all happy and had no cares for distinctions; indeed, they took no notice of such things as they were busy at the tasks of learning about the world. There were teachers there to tell them what the world was all about, Some of the teachers were good and some were evil. A small portion of the teachers were neither good not evil: they just desired that the children learned to think for themselves.

One day the teachers decided to have a ‘show and tell’ so that all the children could learn more about each other. The day came to ‘show and tell’ and one of the children brought the whole class very expensive treats made by servants in his house and everyone was glad about the treats until one of the neutral teachers asked, “is it fair that he should have servants to make his bed and work for him and cook for him?” A little girl asked, “Where is his mummy?”
An ‘evil’ teacher said, “He only has more than everyone else because his parents gave it to him.” and a ‘good’ teacher said, “They worked very very hard for their place they have a right to keep the place they earned!” The little boy who brought the treats was sad and hurt and did not understand what he did wrong.

The next child came up and she brought a box of baby chickens and the class was happy to see the chickens because the special treat the first one brought was sitting badly in their little tummies. The baby chickens were so cute! They were soft and made little chirping noises and one of the neutral teachers asked, “This is where the chicken you eat comes from, what do you think of that?” A little boy began to cry thinking that he had eaten a living thing. A ‘good’ teacher said, “That is why farmers raise and keep animals so that people can have food.” and an ‘evil’ teacher said, “People who raise animals to eat are murderers.” And the class was sad about the baby chickens and the little girl was sad about her life and how wrong it seemed.

As each child brought their ‘gifts’ to the class the three kinds of teacher asked questions and made comments and those shaped each little mind. The little minds began to compare and contrast and think things they never thought before like who had more things and who was an animal killer and who was the best looking and who was the smartest and they were all unhappy with each other and themselves when just the day before they were happy knowing nothing at all. Then recess came.

The children tried to sort all they learned into some kind of sense and one group became ‘shit kickers’ to the rest because they were animal killers (never mind they all still ate chicken soup!) And some of the children became ‘snobs’ because they had servants and money and some of the children became ‘fry-brains’ because they came from poor homes where people smoked and drank, (never mind that rich people did that too they just could afford to hide it better), and still another group of kids became ‘geeks’ because they were much MUCH smarter than everyone else and always knew the answers to everything and were so FULL of themselves! There were a handful of kids left that no one could classify so the other kids, who belonged to groups, started to shun them as if they were lepers or beat them for being too strange…

The neutral teachers shook their heads and gave up.The little minds had formed and there was nothing they could do. The good teachers tried soooo hard to make everyone behave the same as before but they could not…..

….the evil teachers who planted the seeds of doubt and comparison and division smiled and laughed every time one child pushed another down in the playground. They had managed to make the majority of the children self conscious and unsure and the minority who would not take the message was made miserable every day for not taking a side….and so they all grew up divided and stayed divided until they died….they forgot that they had once all played together on the same field in joy and smiles without knowing anything more then the desire to learn about life.

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