In reverent half sleep, to you, myself I leave,
Skin, uninhabited, left to time for a moment,
Your heart, a way inside, I find,
To swim within and share your mind.
Breathless…drowning in red life alive again, BELIEVE,
Nameless Beloved You my hands will drink
My eyes will glut with beauty, nose with scent,
Without touching you touch and I repent.
Drunk on emptiness as real as meat
Hungry spirit at Love’s alter feeds
You, entire, drunken, I will drink….
Your tears, your breath,
Each we feed the other until….
Mind to mind is sometimes as inspired
More pure more sweet that what the flesh required
On this beloved I will give and take
Love, to you, like none on earth I make
When your bare toes dig into the earth
You are my muse…to poets you give birth
The perfect face and sweetest eyes
Of you and you and YOU comprised
For this thing, with YOU, I can do….
I know I will never be with….YOU.
Still, your smile I drown in
The reverent dream comes true.

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