When I sleep
You are with me
You reach out from a dream
Don’t let go
This time I will hang on
This time you cannot disappear
When I sleep
I am your child and your lover
Your wife and your forever
I belonged to you before I was born
I searched this earth so long
You cannot be found
Your world is a slice in between Time
When I sleep
You showed me your children
Running and jumping
From one white, flat roof to another
Birds so blue the skies of earth are shamed
Green woods and old woods
Drenched in fog or smoke
You show me everything
When I sleep
When self in self is more than flesh
Human needs have no place
For when arms hold close
The merge is more complete
I can curl my Life in your soul
You can hold me like a child
When I sleep
Distant flutes call me
Running with flying feet
I will meet you there
Calm water like glass
Gaze in dreams into dreams of dreams
Eyes full of stars
When I sleep
You wear any face I fancy
Shape-shift into any desire
Move with me
Expression love no barriers of flesh
Nothing stops completion

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