Wind He Is

Wind He Is

Wind blows strong here
Uses power-lines for vocal cords
Treetops sometimes
House windows cracked with ill-fitting Time
Wind sings 
Wind says ‘come out and play!’
Another Oklahoma day
So I went
The sun was there
Dark puffs scooting boot through sky
One cat’s spirit
And I

The nest borne baby owl flew
Toppled to the ground by Him
Brother of the omens: Wind
Crying on the ground

She pounced
Soft paws questioning the life
Sharp claws set to quickly knife
A look of mercy: Her ‘mien’

Open beak cries 
Heaven blue without ears
Only God hears
Before sharp teeth in reverent awe
Grab the hapless head with jaw
One sharp shake

Feathers left on concrete
Not one drop of blood
Part of a claw and beak
He sees it all
Fingers unseen lift feathers grey
Into the light

They blow away.

(M.shannonM. 27/5/13 All rights reserved)

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