The Dark In Me

The dark in me
The light in thee
Without this bold
You could not see
You were one ether 
I another
My brother

For if the maw
Of Hell Itself
Was created begging
For food
There was The Law
For heaven: bound
Moving ‘evil’ from ‘good’

Hung upside down
Twixt heaven and earth
For kissing Human lips
Forth came giants birth
Of great re-known
Some say ‘nephilim’
Some say ‘djinn’

In glass cases
Kept away and lockt 
Sad virgins stolen
Sleep: awaken mock’t
Scorned before a world
Until they break
Heaven forsake

For such a moment 
Came to me today
Still at the edges
Of my mind it plays
The war for soul
Older than Earth 
Herself becomes charred coal

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