I Decided Not To Write

…and then I thought, “Why are you letting what other people do influence you? You are foolish not to write among those who write just because they are also writing. When you were not friends with people who were writers, online, you used to post until people were sick of it!”


Being friends with alot of other people who use facebook to post writing is weird. We are all ‘brain-wired’ in similar ways. We all need the same things, write about the same things, and get interested in the same things. It’s simpler when you are not reading someone else’s work because you have no idea of these things. Reading people from ‘a long time ago’ is not the same. They WERE great people and thier WORK is still great…but it is strange to read the work of someone with whom you can chat.


Writers can be a wry and sly bunch. Words can prove things either way. Someone may write something you think is totally egotistical and you may write, (a seemingly totally unrelated status), that proves them wrong. (Of course they will see it they are in your list and they are also writers!) Then people stop talking to each other because they know, (since they are BOTH absolutely RIGHT and have PILES and PILES of proof and evidence), they are the only REAL voice.


Those who claim they never do this are probably not writers. *Big Smile *


The other day I did not post something because someone already wrote it. My work was not in any way plagarized because it was not posted. (Seriously, people actually DO come up with the same idea independantly of each other). It just was that we were both thinking the same thing at the same time. OK, yes, the words were slightly different and it was ying to yang but FEAR of being seen as ‘one of the wry and sly ones’ kept me from posting it…which means I  am not a real writer! *Horrified face! *


Shirley people would not think I was responding without responding! *Oh the horror of ‘shirley people!’ *


So what to do? As I am hardly even close to a ‘social butterfly’ I am often amazingly ‘gauche’ in my exchanges with other folkes…(yes I spell I that way on porpoise)…If you don’t believe that just read my page and see for yourself…*Thinks ‘gauche’ should be pronounced ‘gotcha’. * I have this annoying tendancy to be really direct with people I think are being annoyingly direct which usually causes wars.





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