The Meat Chain

Long blond true blue
The space between thighs
The requisite size
Perfection partitioned
No nylon tan
Faked silken skin

Real hentai mama
Bouncing in midriff polka-dots
Drinking jello shots

Around her an entourage 
Like Phoolan prettied up
Only no price paid
She never wished but received
Every desire

They were men on fire
One came and even knelt
One young Greek stood
Angry in the corner
She had ordered him away
For being too possessive

He sulked in smoky darkness
Unable to walk away
His eyes burned hungry traces
On every part of her he knew
She was the mother
Of his daughter
One she never wanted
Left at home with dadi
For this constant adulation

For THIS one
I was second.

When he came off stage
He brought her to meet me
He forgot I was a dancer
When he met me
I was
Not as high on the meat chain
But he made me stop
Exposing myself for men
Now he was chasing that again
Only she had a TRAIN….

I looked at my long dowdy skirt
Long sleeved shirt hiding more freckles
I never could tan
I tried

In side that night
She came to me and cried..
“I want him for myself…
Will you please ask him to choose?”

The baby girl cried
In the crib in he back room
She screamed at the child…
She ran in tears outside
I cried
With the little girl….
We were never good enough.

He came home from the bar
That evening
I faced him
My heart erased him
“Who do you choose?”

“I choose her.”

I left then as cold as the last ice age
She left him four months later
We were friends again…

“I love you”….

I tried to make it work for ten
But then again…
Her face was always there staring
Down the meat chain.

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