Go Away Mosquitoes!

We had been friends on and off since 2006.
Well first we were friends and then we were lovers and then I was going to marry him and then he got mad when I wanted a human representative to meet him in real life (who would have paid my whole way there just to get rid of me since he was already naturalized and was ready to hand me off to another guy too, who could not meet him either but that is a different story…)

So then the guy this shortie is about ended up friends with me AGAIN and then tried to get lovey dovey again and I fell (I am an idjit) and yeah he was totally honest with me about everything (except his real address which, it turns out, on Google Earth is partly the address of a mosque in Daden Khan…..I should have paid closer attention when his brother-in-law nik’d him after a famous sewer in Isloo but hey….we were still BUDDIES)
I fell BACK in love with him and then one day went to his profile (to which he had given me the pass to ‘keep alive’ his profile, when he was missing from it, and on a whim decided to take some conversations out of archives.)
Usually there were no conversations to read in his profile…
OK OK I KNOW Call me PANDORA and lets get it over with but ANYWAY I started reading some seriously disturbing shit!
I found out as I delved, (yes I do delve), That I had been a joke for YEARS…if I was not a joke then he was either not being real with me or not being real with his nasty buddy whose favourite picture was an old man sucking a preteen girls toes! (PEDO!) and I was happy to see that, (even though I was a joke and they were talking about how to find loose girls in thier home city to invite to a Bar-B-Q….), ANYWAY at least the guy defended me to that nasty old pedo when he wrote, “Hey don’t call her a dried up piece of old beef! She’s a sad old lady OK?”
(OK he defended me so I forgave him.)
I mean after all he took time out to teach me prayers and all kinds of things I needed to know that my then-still-UNUSUAL-husband did not think a woman needed to know because he believed all women were going to HELL anyway…(but once more I digress)…
So we were BUDDIES again and then he tried to get sweet again and then I was an IDJIT again…(recall the definition of insanity?) and then I went into his profile again to keep it alive while he was gone again and played PANDORA again…(yeah I know…blue beards wife and the closet and all that)
I found this WHOLE 10,000 line conversation of undying love where he was calling a (once close friend of mine) all manner of sweet beautiful things he never called me ( I was the sad old lady…)
Poor gal…
I answered her FOR him…
Well anyway I confronted him and he said, “Hey babe I am just fucking with her head OK?” (well this was believable because he did alot of ‘head fucking’ stuff…) And then prceeded to tell me how desperately in love he was with ANOTHER DIFFERENT friend of mine…
….so we were BUDDIES again…
ANYWAY (drama drama drama….*strikes pose*)
So we rocked along as buddies just fine a coupla years and then a friend told me she, (the gal my BUDDY ‘head fucked’), was happily married and since there were a coupla people in my list that might wanna know that for old times sake I told them that. Well one guy was really happy for her…(that guy is cool to everyone so i expected that…)
I expected my buddy to be happy for her too…he said they never talked again after that last 10,000 line conversation they had and I thought he would be happy for her too!
He went ballistic!
He started talking about “all women are C**ts” and “I am mean and nasty from now on! You better watch out!” He was so horrid I had to block him!
Out of the blue that girl contacted me and we talked…during that talk I learned that they had conversations after the supposed ‘last one’ and he was a liar….heck if I had known he still loved her I never would have told him she was married….he could have just kept right on talking to her if he wanted and never had to marry anyone (cause he doesn’t WANT to be married!)
That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

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