Miss That Kid

I met this kid from India.

Heck I still don’t know who he is, for sure, but he was a kid. ‘Brilliant kid…Guru told me he was trouble. ‘Guru asked me why I kept on being close friends with that kid when he was going to hurt me….and couldn’t I see it? BUT NOOOOOOO!!!!! I couldn’t listen to Guru! How could that kid be so evil? Maaaannn he and I were buddies of the highest order! We spent hours and days and months and YEARS helping each other through lonely times…he told me about his mom and I told him about my dad and, in the net, age didn’t matter and if I was in my early 40’s then and he was 14 it didn’t matter because what we had had NOTHING to do with romance or that kind of shit and everything to do with mutual lonliness. We both came from screwed lives. We were both social out-casts….we understood each other on a level I only experienced, online, with maybe 3 people….really deep…(at least on my side it was…)

He met the Guru because I was, back then, a part of the guru’s entourage, (it used to be alot larger online than it is now), and I thought he was so smart that he could understand the guru but the guru and he just didn’t hit it off…but the guru did tell me that kid would hurt me….

But I never listened….

One day he started making friends with his real family (who he hated and had been estranged from previously…he only loved his mother THAT MUCH which was cool because everyone should love their mother THAT much!) When he started making friends with his family he got scared they would find out he was friends with me…then he started with the insults that he said he meant for my own good and started doing the very same thing to me that he once defended me from with Spankit and the Death Witch…(who will get their own chapter.)

In short, he became like the people he once hated so much, in private, to me.

Then he blamed his poor attitude towards me ON ME. The guru was right…I meant less than nothing to him and he did hurt me…I should have listened…

All the years I wasted on that friendship…but I did learn that people love you much better and nod and smile if you are heartless….and that many on this earth blame them victim for EVERYTHING because they believe they have it all coming to them from a past life….
You know what is the MOST funny thing?
EVERY religion seems to want to beat people over the head with dogma to WIN people….it doesn’t work that way….
OK yeah I met some crummy Muslim people but I mostly met AWESOME ones…which is why I am an AMERICAN Muslim….The only other groups that never beat me to death with dogma were the Wiccans and the Shinto’s (I don’t know alot about Buddhists).
If you want me, (or anyone), to be a new ager or a Hindu or a Christian (____fill in blank) you do it with SWEETNESS not with , “You are screwed up and it doesn’t matter how nice you were in this life because you killed babies in the last life so SUFFERRRRR!!! Imma go get a COKE and chill!”,

Here’s your chapter kid…and as poisonous as everyone told me you were.


I still miss you.

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