Someone Who Knows

Dear Becky,

He doesn’t love you….No I don’t know him, I never met him, I just KNOW ok? I KNOW because I am the same as you are: overweight, nearing 50 and alone and not even close to ‘hottie’ status. People who KNOW me don’t bother me with the love stuff anymore because they KNOW me but I feel kinda bad for you…I looked and with the job you have you must make more than 46,000 a year and (and he is aware of that too!) I know you KNOW you can get that guy but does he LOVE you? I went and looked at his birth-date. He is almost 30 years younger than you.

I haven’t mentioned this to you because I am hoping you know the same thing and that you plan to get as much out of your purchase as you can…cause he will…I ASSURE you he will…how do I know?

Trust me I know.

No not all guys are like that….the really great ones are never going to tell you a boatload of lies about how pretty and awesome you are and how beauty doesn’t matter. I have a list full of awesome guys and they are all either already married or looking for an age mate. The best guys are not going to lead you on with bull crap about how great you are, (unless it is something you ARE really great at like….dream interpretation or quantum theory or cooking or something). the GREAT guys compliment you on the REAL stuff….and they don’t waste your time begging you for things either…they end up awesome friends.

Yeah I know it sucks being alone Becky…I know because I am too…see, I did what you are getting ready to do once already, a few years back, and it was a DISASTER. If you think you are alone now wait until you have to live with him you will be MORE alone than ever and when it’s all said and done you won’t even have a penny left to prove it was worth anything. It isn’t just me. I have seen this already at least a half a dozen times in ‘real life’. Ahhhh well…the things we all will do to try to belong somewhere…to try to be LOVED somehow….when LOVE is real only from God and everything else is an illusion.

No Becky I am not talking about ‘friend’ love or ‘mother’ love or ‘pets’ love….I am talking about ‘man-woman’ love…I am talking about ‘romantic love’ and that has become…by default…the cheapest most valueless kind of love on the face of this planet. Yes there ARE some people who are lucky enough to have what LOOKS like that to the outsider but let me assure you: THEY ARE ALSO VERY CLOSE FRIENDS!

I am too smart now, (Allhamdulillah), to get involved in your stuff…I am not even using your real name and you and he are not even in my friends list I just saw you in passing on the list of a friend of a friend and saw the public conversation and just HAD to write this….mostly because I “been there-done that” which is kinda like a perverse “push me-pull you”


Someone Who Knows

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