Don’t get too close to the joy
It will go away one day
Empty hands once more facing upwards
Dropped head dropped tears dropped heart
Not broken anymore but ground to sand
Under all the feet 
I would hold you all in my heart forever
Even those who are gone
You will always be there
Even if you never know

Life is about lost things
Lost people lost dreams
Each one will spin with me to eternity
Until it all turns to light
I wanna be part of your universe
Your imprint on the ether
You have no idea how many faces you wear
You: always there
Looking out of amazing eyes

I hope one day we all meet
Where everything is green
Where fruit falls off the trees into your hands
Without thinking…

Jewels spill through trembling fingers
Lost to the River Lethe
But somehow I remember everything
Praying every journey ends with sweet
You never leave my heart
You never leave my mind
When I am sad I remember You

….and smile….

…and smile…..




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