Event Horizon

What is this night
This wild call
It beats strong
It aches 
To be expressed
In pushed space
Thunder rumbles
Like the ground 
Cold night
Even colder stars
Filled with fire
Fill eyes 
Worlds cannot see
Out there
Within me

Lone vibration

Horizon packed with stars
So it is the hearts of trees…souls of rocks
Lend their love to the lonely emptiness
Streams, like children, chuckle near the grass
Arching the body of this Night alone
Dreams of Love from the Source
For my gifts only staring at the skies
Stars play at games to hide in high fogs
Night eyes gleam with starlight on high wings
Tiny musicians hidden in the brush
Together sing high harmonies 
Soft padded steps on red dirt pause
Sniff the emptiness so full of dreams

Do not reach for me
If you cannot touch me
Do not offer the promise of your hands
Without the promise of your heart
Do not try the fierce thing you cannot see
You think you desire me?
No I will not give easily now
If you had this you would 
Do not reach for me
If you cannot teach me

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